Recognizable foil of our Fairtrade roses at the auction of Plantion


Throughout Europe and beyond (America, Japan and Russia)


We sell the roses of Rosa Plaza from our sales office in the Netherlands. We offer you very extended services with all possibilities for customization.

Rosa Plaza roses are sold both within Europe and beyond in countries like the US, Russia and Japan. This sales is done via our clients (a wide network of exporters and wholesalers) and via the different Dutch flower auctions.

Sales by exporters and wholesalers
Our wide network of exporters and wholesalers supply European countries and countries like the US, Russia and Japan from the Dutch Auctions. Their optimal logistics and capacities to bring different products together, makes these companies excellent partners for us.

These exporters and wholesalers provide many supermarkets, cash and carry's, florists and retailers with quality products which have been traded in The Netherlands. Thanks to our extended service we supply our quality roses as end-products to our customers.

Sales via the Dutch flower auctions
In addition, florists buy Rosa Plaza roses themselves on the auctions. Such as via the auction clock of Flowerauction Plantion in Ede, where the buying public mainly consists of Dutch florists.

We supply our roses on the following auctions:
- Flora Holland Aalsmeer
- Flora Holland Naaldwijk
- Plantion Ede

Sales of Fairtrade roses
Fairtrade has strict rules for the sale of Fairtrade roses. As a Faitrade certified grower and importer, we are able to inform you about the possibilities of our Fairtrade roses.

For Dutch florists it is possible to buy our Fairtrade roses at the auction clock of Plantion.

Our salesmanager
Interested in selling Rosa Plaza roses or our service? Donald Hermes, our salesmanager, informs you with great enthousiasm about Rosa Plaza. Contact our salesmanager.