Excellent vase life
Our vase life test room
Vase life tests
We are testing the vase life of the roses of Rosa Plaza as well as of our costumers


Experience the beauty of the rose


The quality of Rosa Plaza roses is excellent and reliable. We believe a good vaselife is essential to experience the beauty of a bunch of roses. During the vase life our roses are opening fully. By selecting new varieties we consciously choose for flowers which are opening fully.

To ensure this, we conduct very regularly tests including vase-life tests, product monitoring, cool chain monitoring and independent professional vase life tests.

Vase life room
We test the vase life of Rosa Plaza roses and of the roses of our custumers in our conditioned vase life room in Aalsmeer.

Independent vase life tests
We also carry out monthly tests of our flowers in the Test Center of the Aalsmeer Flower Auction.

Several customers receive the montly results. If you also wish to receive the results or want to have a look in our vase-life room, please contact us.