100.000.000 stems a year
Natural water treatment
You can recognize our Fairtrade rose by the Fairtrade label with our flo id nr

Facts and figures

AQ Roses in brief

Facts and figures

- 38 ha
- 100.000.000 stems a year
- >15 different rose varieties
- 1.100 employees

Advanced, environmental friendly crop protection
Cultivation with nature:
- Environmental friendly cultivation with natural predators and natural crop protection products
- Unique environmental friendly fogging system against fungal diseases as botrytis and mildew;
- Focus on a healthy soil life;
- Natural water treatment by wetlands.

Outstanding working conditions
- Salary above average;
- Free health care by own nurse in our company clinic and a hospital on the compound;
- Health & Safety training;
- School for the children of our employees;
- Sport and leisure.

- Fairtrade 
- EHPEA Code of Practice Gold - Global Gap