We are using environmental friendly crop protection products
We reduce our environmental footprint by natural water treatment
Water plants and reeds are filtering the waste water

Care for Environment

Minimal impact on the environment and humans is a central establishment

Care for Environment

We are continuously optimizing and improving our production methods for the production of Rosa Plaza roses. Minimal impact on the environment and humans is a central establishment. We are using environmental friendly crop protection products and natural predators against insects. We also tested an advanced environmental friendly spraying method and purify water through wetlands. 

Environmental friendly production methods with natural enemies and natural crop protection products
A good example is the way we try to control pests and diseases by IPM (Integrated Pest Management) programs. Through the use of natural enemies against different kinds of insects we have reduced the use of chemicals by 50 %.

Completly new environmental friendly fogging system
We also trying to replace as many chemicals as we can by natural products which are completely environmentally friendly. At the moment we are carrying out extensive testing with a new fully environmentally method to reduce fungal diseases as botrytis and mildew.

Natural water treatment by wetlands
The landscaped wetlands next to our farm are filled with different water plants and reeds which filter and purify the waste water. In this way we reduce our ecological footprint.