Rosa Plaza introduces flowers from new farm

Monday June 7, 2021 Rosa Plaza will start with the sales of roses from our new production location in Ethiopia. This farm, located in Debre Zeit, will be taken over from Dummen Orange. In the meantime we will start receiving flowers from this location.

The farm has 12 hectares in production and is situated in the horticultural area of Debre Zeit at an altitude of almost 2000 meter. For Rosa Plaza this is a great opportunity to widen our assortment with a nice selection of interesting varieties. The higher altitude gives us the opportunity to grow a different range of varieties, compared to our current location in Ziway.

In the meantime we have already made changes on the farm to reach a higher quality level, just like you are used from our current farm in Ziway. Our goal is to supply the flowers with an optimal cut stage to maximize the vaselife at the consumer.

In the first period the flowers will be sold through our Flora Holland account Rosa Plaza Training Centre. When the roses have reached the desired quality on a longer term, these rose will be sold thought Rosa Plaza DZ Roses.

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