Global GAP Chain of Custody

Global GAP Chain of Custody

Rosa Plaza is Global GAP Chain of Custody certified

Since this year there are a some of our customers who are only allowed to use Global GAP certified flowers. Our farm is already Global GAP certified. But in this chain it is required that all parties, between grower and consumer, must also be certified with Global GAP Chain of Custody. This label guarantees that all flowers that we sell as Global GAP also come from Global GAP growers. This Chain of Custody is necessary in our chain because our Dutch company trades our flowers produced in Ethiopia.

We have been Global GAP Chain of Custody certified since January. In this audit, particularly tracking and tracing were important. Our flowers are traceable to our nursery through our Global GAP number on the packaging. With this number the consumer can visit our profile on and find out more about our flowers.

Are you also interested in Global GAP certified flowers? Or do you want to know more about Chain of Custody? Feel free to contact us.

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